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As we near the end of 2020, many families are wanting to have a fresh start for 2021 and that also includes transitioning into homeschooling your little one(s), or starting fresh in having a successful homeschool learning environment. Many of you have already made the transition and may either be on break from your curriculum, or looking for a new one that requires less piecing together of different parts to make the “perfect” whole. I definitely understand as my son is approaching his first year and I am gradually taking a focused approach in teaching him the things he needs to know foundationally. 

One of the most important things about homeschooling preschool students is that they have basic knowledge of the content areas (math, reading, etc.), they develop their physical skills, and know who they are and how they are to carry themselves in this life. There are great preschool curriculums out there that have pieces to what we need-some are more intentional and some are free-flowing. However, one of the problems I found was that most of the curriculum styles available does not best represent how I want to raise my child. The focus for my child’s development is not just math, reading, and physical skills, but also their spiritual development by knowing the bible and learning from it, learning a second language, and literature that he can relate to. I also wanted a curriculum that connected everything to the development of the whole child. Basically, it is not just parts of their learning that stand alone, but it flows together naturally. Therefore, I have created a curriculum that is almost complete and on its way to being available early 2021. 

The curriculum I created is geared towards the foundational years of Preschool to 2nd Grade. The first part, Preschool (ages 0 to 3), is launching first. It is based on research, experience, and the standards for early childhood education. It contains 10 objectives that children should have built upon and can carry on into the upper grade levels. It can be used as is or adjusted and supplemented to fit your child’s needs. It is paced and resources are provided as well as suggested materials and resources that are easy to access and use for the success of the preschool curriculum. Educational theorists have researched the importance of how activity generates thinking. Therefore, it is very important to be active in your child’s learning and development and encourage them as they reach new milestones. Consistency and patience are also essential. This will help your children know, understand, make connections, and have positive associations with their learning experience. 

If you are currently homeschooling a preschooler or will be in the near future, please take the opportunity to receive a FREE 15-minute consultation so we can work as a team to help your young student learn and get a plan in place that works for your schedule. You can also wait to purchase the preschool curriculum when it becomes available early 2021.

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