About Nkechi

Nkechi Orabuchi-Fluker, Ph.D. is an early childhood development educator in the homeschool environment, advisor, author, and educational consultant for educators and parents. She was a middle school math teacher for 11 years and has experience as a student teacher mentor, curriculum development specialist, and math department chair. Nkechi believes in using students’ learning styles, creativity, and problem-solving strategies to help students become successful in math and learning in general. She also understands the challenges teachers and parents face in the classroom and homeschool learning environments. It is her foundational belief system and way of life that has influenced her methods of teaching and led to her ambition to help educators, parents, and homeschooling families to enjoy life through learning and development individually and as a whole. Using her available services such as resources, professional development, consulting, tutoring, as well as her blog, she continues to support educators in the classroom and at home in having a joyful and purposeful learning experience.

Nkechi Orabuchi-Fluker is a certified middle school math teacher and K-12 administrator in North Carolina and Texas. She also has a doctoral degree in Early Childhood Development & Education with a focus on Child Development. Her degree gave her the ability to research and better understand students’ knowledge and comprehension of mathematics and how their math anxiety and attitudes towards math affects their math performance. She brings to the position 13 years of combined early childhood and public-school educational experience. This includes ten years teaching 6th grade math (one of those years she taught 7th grade as well) at an at-risk population middle school, one-year teaching 8th grade math and MATH 1 and 2 at another at-risk population school, one-year teaching private pre-school, and one year as an assistant program director of an after-school program. She also has two years of experience within higher education as an adjunct faculty.

Nkechi has enjoyed teaching in the classroom, but wanted to help in a bigger way by helping educators and families through consulting. In 2019, she set out to get her certification in educational consulting and started the process of planning to serve through this avenue.

She has several awards and nominations for her service and demonstrated history of teaching and making a difference in the educational field. She is also trained and experienced in curriculum development, data research, use of technology in the classroom, and other areas.

Nkechi has published work in mathematics education, with her latest research “Effects of online visual and interactive technological tool (OVITT) on early adolescent students’ mathematics performance, math anxiety and attitudes toward math (Doctoral dissertation)” published in 2013. She also has done presentations and professional development such as her latest professional development on questioning strategies. She is in the process of debuting her children’s book and 6th grade math curriculum this year. Her book is focused on teaching Igbo children the Igbo language.

Nkechi’s mission is to help educators, parents, and homeschooling families to enjoy life through learning and development individually and as a whole. Through her mentorship, many teachers have flourished in their planning, application of content knowledge in teaching diverse learners, timing/organization, and classroom management. Parents have also expressed how Nkechi’s teaching style has helped students close achievement gaps, encouraged students to speak for themselves in explaining how they felt throughout their learning process, and their improved attitudes toward math.

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