Kingdom Life Virtual Academy (KLVA) is in Year 2, however, it is our first year of having three grade levels! Last school year when we opened up our virtual doors, we only had Preschool II (2.5-5 years). This year we expanded and have Preschool II (3-4 years), Preschool III (4-5 years), and Kindergarten (5-6 years).

Our Kindergarten students have been reading since early in the school year and our Preschool III is making their way with reading 3-letter words. The great thing about KLVA is the family support. It is definitely important to teach your children at home and reiterate the concepts learned in the classroom. I believe that is why we are making great progress!

We are also piloting a new online reading program that supports students’ foundational reading skills, phonics, and sight words. So if you are a homeschooling family of Kindergarten and/or 1st grade students or a small private school, reach out to me at adazion.royalty@gmail.com for more information and a chance to pilot for FREE!

Need more information about KLVA? Check out the website at: https://kingdomlifevirtualacademy.com and also reach out to the Director, Dr. Fluker at: DrFluker@kingdomlifevirtualacademy.com for more information! We still have spots open!

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